Photography By:
Roger the Owner
Photo Journalist
Picture Cleveland Studio Westlake Ohio
A and D Photography Studio


I am happy to announce the PICTURE CLEVELAND CHALLENGE! I have taken 100,000's of pictures of people, places, buildings, markers, statues and other things around Cleveland over the years. So here's the challenge. I will post a photo of something in Cleveland. The first person to email me a picture of themselves with that item in the picture will receive a Picture Cleveland t-shirt and a free professional headshot for personal use courtesy of A and D Photography Studio. Image must be originial and unaltered. That means you must be standing, kneeling or sitting with the item. No photoshop or digital enhancements allowed. Limited to one winner. Winners are not eligible to win again for 3 months. Limit of 3 winning photos total for the length of the challenge. Winning photo determined by the time it received via the email time and date stamp. T shirts and headshots must be picked up and photographed at A and D Photography Studio within 7 days of winning notification. T shirts are available in unisex white, black and pink adult sized s,m,l,xl, designs may vary.

Hope you have fun traveling downtown to take your pictures. I walked from the Municipal Parking lot to take these photos. Good Luck!
Challenge #1Huntington Sign
Your donation or corporate sponsorship is greatly appreciated. It allows for the project to keep going and growing for years to come. You will receive a complimentary headshot in studio for personal use for any donation of $200 or more. Thanks for your support!